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What is HANSIK?
Hansik ( Korean Cuisine) is a healthy and well balanced meal composed of fresh and natural ingredients. Most vegetables are lightly blanched therefore retaining most of their natural nutrients, and boiled or steamed meats are low in fat and calorie. Due to such natural ingredients and healthy cooking methods, hansik corresponds to today’s healthy lifestyle. Additionally, traditional sauses and seasonings, kimchi and jeotgal (salted seafood), which need to be fermented for long periods of time, are typical slow foods.

Hansik, an energy source filled with philosophy and science
Korean food is a great source of energy, and for Koreans, energy foes beyond physical strength, it pertains to strength of the mind and soul. Traditional Korean wisdom says that ‘food and medicine are grown from the same root,’ therefore ‘there is no better medicine than food.’ These long-standing traditional beliefs show how important food is to the physical and emotional well being of the Korean people.

Food Harmony
When different foods harmonize, they strengthen and even increase each other’s efficacy as well as curbs toxicity. The ginseng in samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) relieves stress during the heat of summer, and the se-ujeot (salted shrimp) that is served with bossam ( steamed pork with vegetable wraps) is known to break down fat.

Fermentation improves taste and nutrition
Fermentation is a critical part in discussing the scientific aspects of Korean food. Good bacteria from natural ingredients helps the fermentation process so that the nutritional value of the food is enhanced.